Flora Ekpe-Idang

Boston, Massachusetts, US

Flora's Skills
Product Management

About Flora

Hello my name is Flora and currently I'm in the First Year of my MBA program at Babson College. I come from a heavy advertising and marketing background having had over 4+ years experience working with clients in the healthcare, consumer products, government, entertainment, and financial services industries. I have a passion for racial equity as well as technology brands and companies that have a social impact focus at its core. I am working on a customized multicultural doll business that truly reflects dolls and stories of modern day girls of color that also aims to empower them. Numerous studies have shown that children of color undervalue themselves due to a lack of positive representation in images. Especially in toy industry where toy aisles carry less than 40% of dolls of color and existing multi-ethnic dolls are very homogeneous, there are very few good options for our youth. Not only have I done extensive multicultural advertising in the past, but I've also done marketing with a leading toy company, and mentored many young girls of color. I am looking to bring on a co-founder ideally with a design background or a business development background that has a similar focus in uplifting communities and impacting lives. I'm still very much in the early stage, but so far I've garnered a ton of interest and recently I placed second at a pitching competition at Harvard Business School. If you are yearning to make a change that can bring joy to children, I would love to chat with you.