Florian Ernst

San Francisco, California, US

Ex-Strategic Management Consultant with strong technical background
Florian's Skills
Business Development
Business Strategy
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Business Intelligence
Business Planning
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Business Networking
Internet of Things
Product Management

Startup Experience

Founded 1 startup

About Florian

I am going to move to San Francisco to start a startup (but also interested in joining an early stage startup) in January 2018. I am currently looking for at least one co-founder (depending on the team I prefer three founding members, not urgently required though) – most important, however, is the right chemistry within the team as there are enough ideas and opportunities out there – the right team is what matters most!

I am looking for someone nice, easy to work with, who possesses a “can do” mentality even towards solving the most sophisticated challenges and is aspired to create a big and lasting impact with their work – according to the people I worked with, this is what also reflects my own personality.

I worked for two years as strategic management consultant with one of the leading consultancies, one year as engineer with a premium OEM and three and a half years as mechatronics apprentice with other premium OEM. Therefore, I possess strong skills and capabilities in business and engineering with deep technical competencies.

My ideas rang from a wearable up to a B2B & B2C platform which means I am absolutely open for discussions and other ideas – but also interested in joining an early stage startup – again, what matters most is the right team!

You can learn more about me at: https://www.linkedin.com/in/florianernst/

Happy to get in contact with you!!!

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