Fondly Do We Hope

Washington, District of Columbia, US

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Business Development
Product Management

About Fondly Do We Hope

Capitol Crypt is “Quora for Capitol Hill”
* Intelligent Q&A – dedicated to sharing working knowledge on the Hill and improving the quality of US political discourse
* Will become the primary source of Hill knowledge for ~10,000 staffers, ~10,000 (registered) lobbyists, ~165 USG liaison offices, and other Hill professionals
* Targeting the most lucrative online advertising market in Washington, DC
* Led by experienced management consultant / tech entrepreneur and former military liaison to Congress

Capitol Crypt has traction
* 500+ Hill staffers or professionals registered email on landing page
* ~71 users, 85 questions, 92 answers, 119 topics on an intentionally limited-access beta site
* Now building new version of produce to scale in a matter of weeks