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Cofounder, combine analytical and creative skills to innovate by developing meaningful products
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Fostra develops the ultimate kitchen tool, requiring less than 1m² to launch at home or remotely within seconds the automatic preparation of quality meals. It is founded under the belief that the world kitchens deserve a tool fitting our modern lifestyles, allowing accurate and creative cooking everyday, enhancing the way individuals shares their own culture of food.
This is our vision :

As a co-founder of Fostra, you will be driven to impact everyday cooking and to bring this ultimate kitchen tool to life. You will be at the intersection of the company strategy, technical developments, design, marketing and project management to build and enhance the product experience.

An example of missions as co-founder:
- building and enhance Fostra vision and strategy
- identifying opportunities for users and defining the product under technological, marketing, financial, and design constraints
- develop, imagine and learn how to use new technology to achieve the product target
- building a complex prototype as a proof of concept
- meet potential customers and deeply investigating the market to verify product-market fit
- working on legal strategy (freedom to operate and patents)
- applying for funds, accelerators, selling the project everyday
- recruiting talented people

As for myself, I am a 23 years old engineer with 2 years of experience as an innovation project manager. I have been managing complex technical, creative, business, legal and marketing aspects of Parfums Dior innovation projects. I consider myself creative, bold and fearless, I feel the need right now to face a stimulating challenge by making Fostra grow as fast as possible to reinvent our customer’s kitchens.

This role is both an opportunity to disrupt this market by developing advanced technology and a true personal challenge.

You will be working as a co-founder on a highly disruptive product in multiple ways : cooking experience, technology, value proposition.

Bringing this vision to life will needs:
- interest for cooking, understanding the processes involved as this is the target
- deep passion for managing a complex innovation project, ambition, risk taking and creativity
- deep curiosity and understanding of the technological fields required to build the product: robotic, artificial intelligence with 3D computer vision and machine learning, software programming, mechanics, heat flow
- willing to serve the customer experience, empathy, confidence
- strong work ability and autonomy, capacity to master complex systems, project and technology
- strong communication and focus skills

You should preferably have experience on robotics development project involving strong artificial intelligence skills, with an engineering or hardware development background as well as a business and marketing appetite.
Bringing this vision to life requires to be driven, daring and innovative. Join me to initiate this revolution and to cook the future.