Foxor Bingingtov

Sofia, Bulgaria

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First time founder

About Foxor

Hello, my name is Fox :) I always took the route less traveled, currently I'm pursuing a PhD in Philosophy in Sofia, Bulgaria. But don't be mistaken, I'm not stuck in the Ivory Tower. I have plenty of ideas, excellent contacts and I'm more than ready to put them into action.

Unfortunately, my times as a coder are over for almost a decade now. So I need you, to oversee and develop the engine of our joint success. What you need, foremost, are excellent coding skills and the ability to oversee a team of software developers working locally and remotely and producing quality code in reasonable time-frames. On the bright side, I'm not a total noob and still roughly understand what you're doing.

I worked a huge variety of jobs which gave me insight in all kinds of different businesses. From giants like Siemens to small Start-up businesses. Because, frankly, if a project is not challenging I get bored easily. Ideally you bring some money to the table, but if you don't have any but you're commited on more than a full time basis, I am sure we will find a way to get things off the ground.

I spend my time in between the US, Germany and Bulgaria ... but I don't discriminate against any passport, if you speak decent english and want to partner up...let's get it going! Ideally you are up for an adventure and willing to relocate to Bulgaria to bootstrap a Start-up at fractions of western costs. If you speak German or Bulgarian as a native that's a benefit but not necessary at all. Even better if you have a minor side income stream (around 1000$ or even a little less) that will allow you to live a decent life here and fully focus on our, hopefully bright, common future. Hit me up, let's have a drink or two and see what we can do ! :)


University Freiburg

Masters in Political Science

2012 - 2012