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Francis Wong, MD

Doc turned entrepreneur, founder @

Berkeley, United States
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Product Management, Business Development, Design, Technical, Finance, Fundraising, Management, Marketing, Operations, Sales, Strategy, User Experience
Physician surgeon (practiced in the UK's NHS for 5 years) and techie turned entrepreneur. Product Management experience at Castlight Health and 23andMe. MBBS (MD) from Imperial College, London. MBA & MPH from UC Berkeley, California. Now living in Berkeley, California. Founder and CEO of Car enthusiast who loves playing tennis, squash and pretty much all sports. Got on the internet early (90s) and started building websites. Had several hobby businesses including buying & selling high-end HiFi equipment on eBay (Gold PowerSeller >$20k/mo), a web-hosting company, domain name trading and events photography. If you think we should talk, please don't hesitate to get in touch:

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