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Millis, Massachusetts, US

Founder,, software dude, passion for web development and UX,making technical things easy
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About Franco

UPDATE: I am currently working on an application of my SiteLot software at This web site platform will promote social networking and economies in a local area - with people and small businesses and establishments all around you. I am looking at decentralizing some of my user data onto the Ethereum blockchain for greater security and opportunities for users to monetize their popular content.

Now, some of my history...

I became interested in web site development back in the early 2000's. Started with static pages and then dynamic programming with PhP and MySQL. Dabbled with that for years.

I was co-owner in a dance school with my ex back then (in addition to being a software engineer full-time) and I wrote an app to sell our rectal tickets online. I had a graphical seating chart where people just had to click on the seats they wanted, then checked out through PayPal. Years later Ticketmaster implemented the same thing.

When I wrote my first web application to host our web site I realized I could host a network of web sites under a single domain name. I hosted sites just for fun - like a series of Fantasy American Idol web sites to have some fun with my family and friends.

In recent years, I transformed my software design to Framework for App Development which I intent to patent eventually. This is the CMF (Content Management Framework) aspect to the CMS (Content Management System) and brings an app look & feel to web site build and navigation. Currently is very thin client which works well for mobile devices.

That is when I knew I had something with strong potential. I recently obtained a domain name ( and a logo in my quest to establish a corporate identity.

I am at the point where I need help in fully realizing the potential of this software. I am not looking at fortune 500s (they already have Drupal/Joomla, etc) but rather smaller businesses and organizations. Especially small towns - I can run their departments, school system, rec. department, sports leagues, etc, all under one domain name. So, people just register once and then join other web sites. There are many other benefits to this approach as I describe on the home page of I believe people would spend good time on the various sites (on message boards, in chat rooms, commenting on pages, etc.) because that is where their life is.This has potential of pulling social networking time from Facebook to site lots everywhere.

The software is at the stage where it just needs some refinement. I am close I believe. At this point I can't do it alone. Need more programmers, web designers, marketing folks, business direction, etc..



Whether you think you can or you can't. You're right. - Unknown


Northeastern University

B.S. Electrical Engineering

1982 - 1987

Northeastern University

M.S. Computer Systems Engineering

1996 - 1999