Frank Hamandishe

Harare, Zimbabwe

Social Entrepreneur, Owner of a Technology Company, Real Estate company and Farmer. Heal the World
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About Frank

I have been in the Technology business for over 2 decades and have seen what Digital Disruption has done in the sector and is doing in other sectors. This has spurred me to apply the same principles in the Farming venture we are undertaking. Below is my take on it.
Driven by nothing more than web access and smartphones, digital disruptors are everywhere. WhatsApp has displaced telecoms companies, Netflix changed home entertainment and Just don't say game-changer and hyper-growth.
Taxi app Uber is the possibly the king of a digital disruptors. People track their taxi's arrival progress and pay with a mobile phone. Now that's amazing efficiency and convenience of the kind never seen before changing the business model.
We are going to 'Uber-ise industry'? Disruptive innovation is here to beat dominant business and we know how to do it.
What is disruption?
In a short time disruptors can force well-established companies to change the way they all do business targeting these relatively defenceless companies that don’t embrace technology. They don’t have incumbents strong enough to compete … it's going to be interesting to see what happens when start-ups like us start attacking industries where there are big players that are already weak.
We plan to scale -up potential and need to accelerate our programmes. "All industries should understand that change will come as a result of smaller, more agile forces innovating and scaling rapidly. Broken business models are seldom recognised immediately, but rather get by with accepted inefficiencies and a patchwork of quick fixes. We will exploit this vulnerability.
Being disruptive isn't just about stealing market share. It can be about defining an entirely new market sector.
A Disruptive talented person is that person who has a multitude of positive attributes that they can bring to a business.
I would define disruptive talent as an individual who thinks and acts differently, innovates, challenges conventional wisdom, spots trends, sees commercial opportunities, and tenaciously finds ways to achieve success. That’s the kind of employees we will hire to achieve this as they will be a fit to my Philosophy about farming and value addition.


Innovator, Disruptor, Gamechanger - Frank Hamandishe