Frank Martin

San Jose, California, US

Frank's Skills
Business Development
Product Management

About Frank

I am a Sales person first and idea guy second. I have created several products, one of them selling over 100,000 units. I enjoy selling so much that I use this dive to work with others to create something new and cool just to sell.

I’ve been in Software Sales for over 15 years and am addicted to the power and disruption it can cause an industry. I have a lot of experience selling to and working for start-up’s and large companies. My latest software product is in the On-Line Advertising Market - It's sort of a cross between google and facebook. This Market is over 121 Billion and growing over 16% for the next 5 years.

I am looking for a software engineer to become my Co-Founder and help.
I am at my limit from a technical perspective - Polishing up the product, making it to scale, improving the UI - I would like to have a technical Co-Founder in charge of this and can work with my team in India that has been doing the development work. The project is at a stage where I would like to focus on finding customers and get feedback and sale - which is what I am comfortable doing. Once we close a few customers, we should be able to tackle just about anyone.

Please respond if interested or if you want to just want to exchange ideas.

Look forward to talking with you,