Frédéric Muraour

New York, New York, US

Frédéric's Skills
Product Management

About Frédéric

The creation and business development are today, with over 20 years experience in computer engineering, an exciting and challenging work environment, a peerless frame to inspire and involve my team in the adventure.

With a strong experience in project management for implementing web platforms and with a very good understanding of customer's Information System, my goal is now to release the business from all technical shackles, and to bring it in a new era of services, tailored to its own needs.

Be able to focus on his job, devote its resources to the exercise of its own activity, regardless of the technical means needed to achieve it.
Having collaborative tools for sharing information anytime, anywhere, have a digital dashboard in his pocket, which will deliver in a few clicks, strategic information for the right decision.

= These are solutions to implement and bring to businesses, and with the integration of all web and mobile technologies, we can contribute to the best and the maximum growth of the customer !