Kitwe, Zambia

Small Entrepreneur with big vision.
FRED's Skills

About FRED

I am an entrepreneur and I have always been, since the time I was faced with the decision to either drop out of college or strive to sponsor myself. I get through the day with people who don't believe entrepreneurship is even eligible to be called work, but i survive. I do my planning and usually come online to find others like me(its lonely for us entrepreneurs) because all my friends work in the mines so they are usually drinking alcohol after work. My country is not fully developed though we have faster internet and the likes, so everyone waits for new inventions to be brought by foreigners, even the simplest. I try to do my best to change it but I can't help the poor if I'm one of them.


You don't have to go through life as it is. You have to embrace it, try to change it for the better, make a mark on it, because everything we call life was once someone's idea. - S. Jobs

Work Experience

Sales/ Marketing Officer


March 2017 - Today

I do the marketing, sales, and customer relationship management.


Zambia Institute of Marketing

Certified Marketing Professional Programme

2016 - 2018