Fred T. Martin

Broomfield, Colorado, US

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Business Development

About Fred T.

In 22 years marketing Promotional Products and Promotional Products businesses at trade shows, seminars and webinars I did wonderfully well and many of my customers became my finest friends in life. Yet, the world changed post-2009. The recession decreased buyer investment ability and the Internet increased competition and buyer access to equipment and services. The old business models that we used and a few are still using are now dinosaurs facing extinction.

Along with key client-partners and strategic industry partners, I have developed the right-sized, technologically-updated, appropriately priced business model that will excite and motivate opportunity-seekers in promo products, fundraising, and home based business. And even though we can package this offering at 1/3 to 1/2 of what the dinosaurs offer, this model achieves similar or better margins through "virtual" (rather than brick and mortar) delivery and customer service, and by out-sourcing customer training and support services rather than in-house "wheel re-invention." IOW, we utilize and profit from on-the-shelf, on-line services rather than competing with and re-inventing them as the dinosaurs do.
Even so, a similar or superior residual revenue develops with this business model that is far more profitable. We can simply deliver more for less which builds our customer loyalty and monthly fee revenues on top of the very significant front end profits from the initial sale of the business package.
Equipment supply, training, advanced Internet marketing tools, and product supply lines are all in place. What's missing? I just can't launch and manage this alone, though I have the product fulfillment and sales talent in place. We even have prospect lists numbering tens of thousands and more available among strategic industry partners.

The investment needed is so low ($10K would come close to making it self-sustaining since results are quite rapid.) that the only real need for it is to know that my partner has as much skin in the game as I. I need assistance in email and Internet marketing systems and general advisement, and a synergistic team of a few folks assembled around this, which is, basically and simply, not much more than an on-line sales and website contenting program.

The prior company I was with for 22 years -the dinosaur- started for not much more, sold 5 years later for $8MM, then again 8 years after that for $27MM. For this new business model I believe a 5-year plan will be the optimal outlook.

I have all sorts of resume and supporting material on this past history. The business plan is being worked up for you, but it really is preposterously simple.