Freddy T

Phoenix, Arizona, US

Freddy's Skills
Business Development
Product Management

Startup Experience

Founded 1 startup

About Freddy

I'm very good at making things happen! I've already started one profitable business where I learned many useful lessons that I now want to leverage to get my new startup off the ground.
I currently work as a manager in Financial Planning & Analysis for an airline. That has really helped me get to the root cause of problems and correct them in order to increase profitability.

It really motivates me to be productive, to start something new and innovative, and work hard for it until it is up and running. I love to learn new things and am currently learning some coding but need someone who can be in charge of that area of the company.
Ideally I want to team up with someone who has a strong background in web development and coding, but doesn't necessarily know too much about starting and running a business. Combined I think we could become very successful.
I already have the wireframes and functionality setup and have come a long way on the design, but I need someone who can help getting the MVP up and running.

The concept behind it is very solid from all the feedback I have received and I have a good strategy of how to get it off the ground too. As mentioned previously, the tech side is not my strong-suite which is why I need a co-founder that could be in charge of the technical aspects of the company.

My goal is to be able to focus on this full-time down the road, once we have proof of concept. I would not mind spending all of my spare time on this until that time comes.

Hit me up if you want to be a part of something that could be very exciting, fun and rewarding if we execute according to plan and with a little bit of luck!


Arizona State University

Bachelor of Science

2008 - 2008