Frederic Thenault

Barcelona, Spain

Cofounder & CEO at Syneidis, serial entrepreneur, business guy, experience in USA, China, Brazil,...
Frederic's Skills
Business Development
Product Management

About Frederic

Global-minded serial entrepreneur living in Barcelona.

I am mostly a hard-working, open-minded, outgoing, friendly and honest guy.

I haven't made it big yet, although I think my current startup is by far the best shot at it that I have had so far.

I have launched several international tech startups, starting my first company in 1998 in the USA during the first technology boom. In the early days of e-commerce, our team at an IT consultancy firm was responsible to build and launch the technological platform of the Latam competitor to – it was a 5 millions USD project that involved teams on 3 continents. The resulting company (Submarino) is still operational and very successful in its Latam markets.

Over the last 20+ years, I have developed a global business experience in finance (World Bank, ABN-Amro, etc.) and technology businesses in South America, China, Russia, Brazil, Switzerland, and am now based in Barcelona where I launched Syneidis.

I am lucky to speak 6 languages, of which 4 fluently (English, French, Spanish, Portuguese), Chinese Mandarin and some Russian.

Many years ago, I received a Bs. in International Business from Stern School of Business in New York, which at the time was ranked in the top 5 US Business School. I graduated Magna Cum Laude and was on the Dean’s Honor List every semester. Previously I had acquired a strong mathematics background in France (Math Sup, Math Spé).

In the end, I believe life experience has taught me much more than business school, and I am still learning everyday.

Recommendations are available upon request, including a recommendation from a scientific Nobel Prize Winner, who was a Board Member of one of my previous ventures.

Work Experience

Founder and CEO

Syneidis S.L.

March 2015 - Today

We are a young and innovative startup with a small team of experienced people, motivated to continue growing. We have a super dynamic, positive and creative environment, where everyone's opinion matters. We already have the support of prestigious clients and investors. We are incubated by Barcelona Activa and the European Space Agency. We develop apps (mobile / web / API) to improve user's life and their online privacy. Our philosophy is to iterate quickly, to be creative and to adapt to market feedback. We are looking for a co-founder and team player who wants to create exciting products and who wants to participate in a new and innovative project. You will have the opportunity to contribute to shape our future. Contact us!