Frederick Ohen

New York, New York, US

Humble servant
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About Frederick

I'm a 25 yr old, humble yet enthusiastic founder of

I started this website/app with the vision of it being the sole source for all university related information (including but not limited to; the latest social media posts, events, apparel, scholarships, department directories and any other thing we can data mine to satisfy the information needs of the average college student).

I worked with several freelancers and had varying experiences. This time around, I'm looking for someone who can really own the product, both web and mobile development if possible.

I'm currently working with a friend who's an iOS Dev at TripAdvisor on the iOS mvp and he needs some updates made to our web api.

Besides the api updates, we also have UX or other related updates that need to be made in order to make the website more engaging and finally profitable.

Please reach out if you find this interesting, similar websites are bringing in $500,000 to $1.5mm a year and this has even more potential than those.

Aggregator Competition

College-Niche blogs

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August 2013 - Today

Campus Feed is the first social media and event aggregator for College world wide. We pull in content from thousands of colleges around the United States, U.K., Canada and Australia, then use affiliate products (college event tickets and college apparel) as a means of monetization. I'm currently looking for a Co-Founder who will lead all things technical.

Product Owner & Operations Manager

Tidy llc

January 2014 - September 2016

•Manage an 8 person team using Agile methodology. •Lead sprint planning, daily scrum meetings, sprint reviews, retrospectives and risk assessment meetings. •Responsible for grooming product and company backlogs according to stakeholder feedback and team priorities. •Conduct market research and distill voice of customer to provide product specs and UI designs to developers. •Conduct a/b and user tests and manage the entire development life cycle of a Ruby and Angular JS mvp. •Utilized an Airbnb API to mine market research and create an automated cleaner scheduling and mapping software, reducing costs by 12%. •Negotiated and acquired 17 luxury condos from property owners to exclusively rent on Airbnb and VRBO. •Sold cleaning service to 10 Airbnb hosts in the downtown Seattle area, generating an annual income of $45,920. •Optimized staff hours by developing transportation and scheduling logic, reducing transit time by 25%. •Recruit and train new staff members on day-to-day operations and created an Employee Training Handbook.

Business Development Representative


January 2015 - Today

•Led sprint planning, daily scrum meetings, sprint reviews and retrospectives. •Responsible for backlog grooming and stakeholder management. •Solicited new business accounts, built positive relationships with customers and grew account base. •Acquired and managed 15 new accounts, benchmarking year-end revenues of $140,000 in 2016. •Acquired 21 new accounts for our cleaning service in 2016. •Handled all aspects of sales including prospecting, closing, new user onboarding, and payment collections.


Penn State University

International Politics and Economics

2009 - 2013


Agile Certified Practitioner

Project Management Institute

Co-working Space

The Pioneer Collective

2016 - 2017