San Diego, California, US

FS's Skills
Business Development
Product Management

Startup Experience

Founded 1 startup

About FS

I started my career in life sciences, progressed into biotech where I attempted my first business venture. Since then, I received an MBA and have been involved in business development , management and consulting in various sectors. My strengths are in research and analysis, financials, planning and operations.

Currently, I'm involved in a project where a full market and industry analysis has been performed and a business concept and plan developed. We have also managed to secure domain names, a trademark, corporate identity and etc.

We have a small but capable team and are looking for partners who are highly proficient in programming and software architecture.

This partnership is flexible. The partner would need to implement a minimum viable model or product and then, if he or she desires, take on more commitment as we progress.

If interested, please contact me.