Fuad Kamal


Sacramento, California, US

Fuad's Skills
Product Management

About Fuad

Proven ability to lead complex, high value cross-disciplinary team projects. Large breadth of deep leading edge knowledge in key disciplines:
- scalability / cloud
- security (client/server side)
- front end tools
- UX (user experience)
- back end frameworks
- cross platform mobile
- AI (Machine Learning)
- Ecommerce
Familiar with new techniques to leverage quality control, architect information flow, and improve productivity.

Ecommerce/Ebusiness/Product management:
Product management, ecommerce, gamification(certified), growth hacking, lean marketing, lean startups, data driven marketing KPIs, Google Adwords/Adsense, Facebook ads,Web analytics (measurement/reporting), ecommerce funnel analysis, conversion/goals/segment analysis and a/b split testing, UX, email marketing tools, seo/aso/competitive analysis, GDN, affiliates, remarketing, ecommerce platforms, wordpress, and web design principles and tools.

Project management skills: Multi-year, mission-critical, multidisciplinary Fortune 500. Problem definition, identifying stakeholders, requirements gathering, project objectives/deliverables, resource/scheduling management, risk/estimation (sensitivity analysis, 3-pt, delphi and monte carlo simulation) , sdlc. Familiar with agile, scrum, Kanban, xp, tdd, bdd (Professional Scrum Master 1 certified).

Technical specifics include:
AI:Machine Learning/Data Mining, Python, Octave, Rattle, AWS, multi-core, star cluster, reverse proxy, multiple webservers, mysql replication, dns, jquery/javascript/ajax/json, django, Jquery mobile/Phonegap, IDE/debuggers, HTML5/CSS3/Compass/Sass/960grid, Drupal, IDS, Twitter bootstrap, RESTful Web services, UX, OO, Dreamweaver also familiar with Big Data, nosql (mongodb) and PaaS.

I am looking to join/form a team, and work on something that interests me (ecommerce or otherwise), and has a high probability of success (e.g. traction/growth stats). Prefer startups which already have access to some funding (or very likely to get funding) and/or already have (or extremely likely to have) customers. (e.g. Not really interested in startups only in the "idea" phase.)

I have a top-notch work and educational background, including starting my own company. Can function in a senior position (or advise) in technology, marketing, operations, or strategy.

www.linkedin.com/in/fuadkamal for details.
Awards: Derivatives team I worked in was ranked #1 in the world (industry poll).


Princeton University

Electrical Engineering and Computer Science

1985 - 1985

Columbia Business School


1994 - 1994


Professional Scrum Master I

Gamification (Expert)

AWS Certified Solutions Architect - Associate