G. Alphonzo Terrell

New York, New York, US

G. Alphonzo's Skills
Business Development
Product Management

About G. Alphonzo


My name is Alphonzo and I'm seeking a co-founder for a new venture at the nexus of music and tech. I've been working in the entertainment space for Sony, Def Jam and currently Showtime for the past 10 years, managing both content and product-related projects during that time. My current venture grew out of a desire to develop a platform to impact culture through music based on values I've developed in my 15+ years of practicing Buddhism. What are those values? To be brief - humanism - to put people (and all life) as the ultimate priority of all endeavors, both personal and professional.

I'm very comfortable collaborating and managing people, as well as setting goals, representing a brand publicly, and leading projects to successful outcomes. As such, the two most important qualities for my partner(s) are having a never-give-up attitude, and a passion for driving culture. More specifically, I am seeking partners with the following specialties: 1) business development, particularly someone with great experience in content licensing and/or partnership development and 2) a CTO with a broad background of software development, especially in mobile space.

Ultimately, I would be excited to speak with anyone who shares the passions I've outlined above and I would encourage you, if you have read this far, to reach out asap!

Thanks for your time!