G. Christopher Wright, B.S., S.T.L.

Denver, Colorado, US

G. Christopher's Skills
Business Development

About G. Christopher

I've recently returned from the U of Oxford, UK where I was researching political theology. I have a doctorate from Sant' Anselmo in Rome and was a professor of philosophy/theology at Mt. Angel School of Theology. I have shifted gears and am now starting a life coaching business. I'm studying iPEC principles and integrating them with the ancient wisdom of monastic life. I'm looking for partners. These partners could be in fields that are similar to mine, the same as mine, or different but with the potential for mutual referrals. Eventually, I would like to start a life coaching firm. My niche is the boomer generation as they move from success to significance or are struggling with retirement and the final phase of their lives. I have an eye toward business coaching, but for now I am focusing on the niche above. I have only just begun building and my goal is to be profiting substantially by November of 2015.

If you would like more info; if you feel that I can be of benefit to you in your work or that we can be mutually beneficial then feel free to contact me.