Dallas, Texas, US

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Business Development
Product Management

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Founded 2+ startups

About Gab

If you know much about Dallas startups, we might have met. I'm starting to build my next business after helping several people build theirs. The first product is partially built out (with customers in hand) and I have ideas for more, but am open to great new ideas. My natural talent is connecting people and resources around stories. If that's too ephemeral of a description, I've raised millions of dollars, sold plenty of business, can see where the future is headed and how to play a big role. I love to go up against the things I fear most and never shy away from hard work.

My next business will be my big one, so I'm not taking the team building part lightly. The team is the ONLY thing that matters in the long run. Let's make an awesome one!


Southern Methodist University ~ Cox School of Business

MBA Finance and Strategy

2008 - 2008