Gabriel Blanchet

Boston, Massachusetts, US

Gabriel's Skills
Product Management

About Gabriel

I graduate from MIT this year with a bachelor's degree in mechanical engineering (focus in entrepreneurship). I originally was interested in product design (hence the major), but have more recently been focused in tech entrepreneurship. I think I have a killer background- experience in coding/development (more front end than back end, but both), marketing, business dev, and sales, as well as other technical skills, a deeply analytical and solution-oriented mindset and great interpersonal skills. I am currently working for a startup in Cambridge, MA that is doing really well and I anticipate sticking with it after graduation. However, even though I am passionate about what I'm doing now and an integral part of the team, I have an itch to start my own company. I will found my own startup in within the next few years, so I'm very interested in seeing how this community works. Feel free to message me, I'll respond promptly.