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Gabriel D. Kruse

Marketer, Business Developer

Spokane, Washington, US


Startup Experience

Founded 1 startup

About Gabriel D.

My business is in the software development stage where we will begin to create a prototype and minimum viable product for Xbox initially. We are looking for someone able to help us create a shock to the norm of the Xbox application industry.

In joining DuuL software, a Designer will be able to depict energy, excitement, and edge in developing the interface of our software.

A Coding expert will be able to gain experience building out the gaps of our product at the forefront of a new industry at neck-breaking speed.

We want to create our product so well, that no one believes it is on a Microsoft device, and then move it to other entertainment platforms as they emerge.

Join us, and "Prove it" with DuuL.

Managing People
Product Management

North Idaho College

Entrepreneurship A.A.S

2014 - 2014

Arizona State University

Technology Entreprepruship

2016 - 2016