Gabriel Furlong

Mexico City, Mexico

Gabriel's Skills
Business Development

About Gabriel

I am a professional Account Manager B2B living in Mexico City. I am a result oriented and innovative marketer, who owns commercial roles with a project management focus. As a former Sony worker, developed tech savvy and passion for technology. Now, I would like to bring my best practices on commercial processes to align co-founder target with my own when working together. I look forward to improve client’s productivity, resolve issues to live in a healthier world.
I have been involved in account management in Electronic and Mining Industry more than 12 years the first, and 3 years the last. I am skilled in conceptualizing customer value by preparing client planning process, customer management, client feedback, key account planning and ensure profitability for the company.

My background includes extensive work with retail and B2B customers., and I possess extensive tech skills. In addition, my current management position have allowed me to develop project management and leadership skills across the organization. These skills, together with my ability to schedule and coordinate projects, have taught me an important lesson – a good account manager plans, regardless client.

The accompanying resume can serve to provide you with greater details of my accomplishments and what I have to offer. Thank you for your time and consideration.

I have looked for co-founders through a venture capital named Bekommen Capital, check the website: