Gabriel Magaña Gonzalez

Prescott Valley, Arizona, US

Gabriel's Skills
Product Management

Startup Experience

Founded 1 startup

About Gabriel

I'm a true tech guy with awesome experience and great leadership skills. I am not, however a good sales person or marketer. I need a counterpart to cover those bases.

I would like to create a startup that focuses on small businesses. I think the market is huge and underserved. I think there is a ton of room for innovation there. I have several ideas already, of course. I am looking for someone that can make the rubber meet the road. I can design it, build it, put it production, scale it, and maintain it.

What I am not well-suited to do is to sell it, present it, follow up with potential customers, establish and maintain the relationships with potential customers and so on. It's something I COULD do if forced to, but I have learned that I do not navigate towards doing it. I am not proactive in it. I need a cofounder that is naturally suited to this, and I think we can be a very successful team.


University of California Irvine

BS in Computer Science

1999 - 1999