Gabriel Martin

Bedford, Massachusetts, US

Gabriel's Skills
Product Management

About Gabriel

Hi I'm Gabriel. I'm from North Carolina and the evangelist co-founder of a two year old startup. My co-founder is Geoff, from Bedford, who was trained in graphic design at MassArt. Over the last two years, we've tested, refined and gotten great feedback on an idea which, through two years of the bumps and pitfalls of entrepreneurship, we both still love and want to see realized. Between our skills in evangelism for the site, and abilities to design it beautifully, we've gotten this far. We're now looking for an equal partner, who has both confidence in their technical abilities (supported by me) and sees the potential of the work we've put in.

We'd especially like to meet someone hoping be part of an early "swing for the fences" kind of idea. If you're passionate, or even find yourself excited about the convergent concepts of: entrepreneurship, web development, experimentation, and economies of scale, I'd like to share our research and development with you.