Gabriel Signorelli

Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

Gabriel's Skills
Product Management
Business Development

About Gabriel

With a master`s degree in Sports & Exercise Science, I have been working in the fitness business for over 10 years, starting at operational level in 2003 as a strength training intern, I have also worked in physical testing, cardiac rehabilitation and personal training.

In the academic period of my master's degree I published some scientific articles, including papers at the International Journal of Sports Science and Journal of Strength and Conditioning Research, and won two academic prizes. I was supported by a Government Scholarship (Cnpq) and worked with renowned researchers from Brazil and United States (Stanford University).

Having returned to the fitness business four years ago, I worked as a physical testing specialist at Bodytech Club, one of the ten biggest fitness companies in the world. I also worked in the development of the new Physical Testing Software and routine, specifying features and training the Club's professionals arround Brazil.

Having won the first two prizes of the Innovation Iniciative at the Bodytech Company (2012 & 2013), in 2013 I was invited to join the Physical Testing and Innovation National Department of Bodytech Company, developing new products, activities and spaces for the Bodytech Clubs in Brazil.

In 2014, the Bodytech Company decided to get into the digital fitness market with a innovative iniciative that is called BTFIT App. I was again invited to join the Sports & Exercise Science team, as a Coordinator. My job at BTFIT is to specify and control the products, front & backend, leading two people and interacting with the providers.

Nowadays I am interested in Health & Fitness Technology and Epidemiological issues involving eHealth, mHealth, accelerometers and Apps. I am also studying Gamification Design and its application in Health & Fitness Technology.

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