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About Gabriele

I am a medicine student that is graduating this year in Rome La Sapienza. I am a passionate sports activity man and i would like to specialize myself in Sports Medicine, so i decided to launch a startup about a t-shirt 2.0 wearable that can help athletes and no athletes to track their performance and give the trainers and doctors datas based on training. The platform also gives the possibility to choose a trainer around the area of the user and start a training program or virtually or phisically. I just wrote an executive summary and made a market research analyzing competitors, advantages,threats, opportunities as selling the product on internet with bitcoin technology. I thought also that we could give to trainers the possibility to apply courses on how the t-shirt and his software works to make understand the utility of this new wearable device and its expansion in the next 5 years. In future i thought also about the expansion with VR Technology and the possibility to use it to make a training or to try our product during a virtual training to improve the sellings. I have a brand name and one co-founder that is a personal trainer but i look for DEVELOPERS AND ENGINEERS TO start the construction of the software of the app and the platform and also the help one someone expert in marketing and management. So i Hope i can find it here.