Gabriella I. Farkas MD PhD

Kings County, New York, US

Believe what you do, Do what you believe
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About Gabriella

Growing up in a tiny Eastern European village to becoming a NYC psychiatrist, I can say I am relentless in pursuing my goals. Coming from European 'Obamacare' I had to quickly learn about and adapt to the US mental healthcare system. Sadly, what I learnt is that this system is very fragmented, expensive and inaccessible to many.
I trained at one of the best facilities in the nation and my eyes were opened to potential solutions to industry problems. I trained to be a system thinker. I am passionate about narrowing the research-to-practice gap and figuring out ways to provide quality mental healthcare to larger number of those in need.

Work Experience

Psychiatry Resident


January 2013 - January 2017

Corporate Trainer

Zepter International

January 2011 - January 2013


Moms' Telehealth

April 2017 - Today

There are 3M cases of postpartum depression every year in the US. Affected moms experience many barriers to care including lack of screening, unavailability of experienced providers, cost, stigma. Untreated illness results in adverse outcomes ranging from worsening symptoms, impaired bonding, a variety of psychological and physical problems in the child, to suicide or homicide as worst case scenario. Our company strives to mitigate barriers and offer timely, affordable, evidence-based telepsychiatry services to moms from the comfort and privacy of their homes. "The system is failing" It is time to build a solution.


Semmelweis University


2000 - 2007