Gaea Honeycutt

Alexandria, Virginia, US

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About Gaea

The Hypatian Institute delivers high quality, affordable leadership education and development that supports people of all persuasions in gaining knowledge, harnessing personal power and realizing their potential. It's our goal to help people understand the opportunities the world offers and that these opportunities are meant for them regardless of background or circumstance.

We combine conventional and innovative approaches to address the unique needs of individuals and small organizations -- small to mid-size businesses, social entrepreneurs, associations, and nonprofits. Our model provides high quality leadership consultation to small organizations and professionals, and uses proceeds to support similar programs for youth in low access communities.

For more than 20 years, I've been a social and economic justice advocate, as well as a social and for profit entrepreneur. And, I have experienced and witnessed competitive advantage gap, which is not a product of talent, but of resources and access. Tis is why I've launched the Institute named after Hypatia of Alexandria Egypt. She taught women in the 5th Century, made texts easier to understand and discussed philosophy with anyone who inquired.

In the past, I helped launch the PeaceAmerica Foundation in Massachusetts, co-founded a chamber of commerce, and established my own business with three distinctive brands. PeaceAmerica received an honorable mention in the Better Government Competition. My consulting firm, which focuses on business, leadership and strategic development for businesses, associations and nonprofits.

The Hypatian Institute is looking for Advisory Board members with backgrounds in scalable community wealth enterprise and b-corp models, executive mentoring, or fundraising. We also seek professionals interested in investing sweat equity in our early stages as we pursue funding. We're also interested in hiring a highly motivated summer intern.


Bentley University

Bachelor's of Arts

1993 - 1993

University of Chicago, Harris School of Public Policy

MPP, Master of Public Policy

2014 - 2014

University of Massachusetts Boston

Cert. American Studies

2014 - 2014