Gajapala, Buddika


Naperville, Illinois, US


Age Group


About Gajapala,

I am a software engineer by profession and out of the box thinker.

I have several POCs built and looking for some one of Product manager capacity to improve them and take it to the market for a equity partnership.


A new concept of personal/social site with intention to bring out the best in people and help each other and society and feel good and happy by doing so.

Please check


A concept to help people to learn and practice public speaking skills (techniques) following popular speakers

I'm looking for some one who can verify, extend and promote these concepta to wider audience and evolve as we progress. Some one with social marketing experience and enthusiasm to champion an idea all the way with dedication and constructive criticism would be an ideal equity partner.

As I have the prototypes up and running so if interested we can meet-up and discuss.


Illinoise Institute of Technology

MS Computer Science

2003 - 2003