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CEO of Sustainable Social Business (SSB)ltd.
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I am Rwandan. I grew up in Eastern province where there is huge plantation of banana trees which leaves abundant residues after harvest. Looking at those abundant resources in my neighborhood, I started thinking of how I can turn them into something of value. So I came up with an enterprise that produces fibers and turn them into sanitary pads.
Company’s mission: Keeping women productive and comfortable during menstruation period by providing them with healthy and affordable sanitary pads.
My enterprise is centered on these key components:
- Social responsiveness: The enterprise produces healthy pads which are more absorbent and chemicals free.
- Afford ability: Our products are produced locally, from locally sourced materials which make them more affordable on the market than other types of pads which are imported or produced from imported materials.
- Environmental protection: In the production of fibers, we use banana residues which would otherwise end up in landfills and turn them into other products of value. Thus reducing waste.
- Employment creation: My enterprise currently employs 8 people and given its high growth prospect, in the near future we will employ many more young people.
- Import substitution: By using locally produced sanitary pads and fibers, money is kept in the country and we reduce outflow of money/dollars importing things that we can produce ourselves. In the future we will instead export to other countries and bring dollars in our country.
- Health education: on my packages of sanitary pads are written information about the sex reproduction and families planning.
At the current stage, my company is focused on the production of sanitary pads but in the future we plan to expand our product portfolio and start producing papers and clothes to optimize the outputs of fibers.


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