Ganapathy Ayyappan

Tempe, Arizona, US

Ganapathy's Skills
Product Management

About Ganapathy

I have broad experience. I am an author, social entrepreneur and technologists. I have worked in emerging technologies, led product teams to deliver high quality products on time. I am comfortable using both my left and right brain. I am both creative and analytical in solving complex problems.

Before my MBA, I led teams across different stages of software development life cycle – Architecture, design, development and testing. My responsibilities include managing product plan, analyzing customer requirement and making software design. I led an effort to improve customer experience by efficiently analyzing voice of customer. I worked as consultant to boot-strap starts up in the areas of video technologies and mobile devices.

I also started a non-profit organization in the art and media industry. We raise funds by theatre shows. Specifically, we use art as advertising platform for local business. We sponsor education for the needy and bring in self-sustainable solution to villages in India. I also researched on corruption in India during the field tours to villages and wrote a novel about it. My solutions are implemented in four villages in India.

I have worked in semantic web, video technologies, highly available distributed networks and cloud computing palm devices. I love solving complex ambiguous problems, comfortable working in fast phased environment and nurtured the growth of an organization from 8 members to 180 members.

My passion for technology has ingrained in myself the spirit of revolutionizing the art of programming. I am looking for like-minded people who have right attitude to explore road not taken.