Ganaraj P R

London, United Kingdom

Ganaraj's Skills

About Ganaraj

I am working on an idea and believe ( don't we all do ? ) that this, if executed properly, can change the face of the industry. Ofcourse, when you are starting you start small and thats how this starts as well ( by targeting a very small piece of the bigger vision ). The vision is to "make programming easier". This is a topic that is getting quite a lot of attention recently. There are a few people who are actively working on this - like the guys behind light table, grok project at google, brett victor with his talks etc. I dont need to list all of them here but lets suffice it to say that I have done some considerable background work on this.

About myself :

I would like to say that I am a technical person. I am an expert at javascript and related technologies. I come from a background of working with C++, PHP, Actionscript and now Javascript. I have a github profile, have contributed a few open source solutions and have attained a decent reputation on Stack Overflow. Some of the companies I have worked for before include Nokia ,Goldman Sachs and a couple of startups. I am based in London currently. I also have a Masters in Artificial Intelligence.

About the idea and its implementation state :

Like I said before, this is a larger vision. The plan is to actually disrupt the act of programming itself. While this sounds like a large claim, I firmly believe a proper execution could atleast make some serious headway into this space ( or atleast serve as inspiration for the one that does in fact disrupt ). I have done some headway into the actual implementation itself.

What I am looking for :

I am hopefully looking for someone who has a serious interest in this space ( developer productivity / tools ). You should be a technical person / geek. I dont really care which language or tools you have been using as long as you can demonstrate what you have been doing so far. If you have been working on this same space then all the better. Alternately, if you have some experience with AI ( specifically ML and NLP ) that would be something that I would really like to explore.
If you have some other skills but think that you can be extremely passionate about this project then do tell. I am not closed to those either.
Above everything else I am looking for a passionate person who can sit through this ride called a startup.