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Melbourne, Australia

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InTouch lets you share your real-time location with a chosen contact or a group. This is useful if your kids are on a school excursion and you want to make sure they are safe and at the designated spots, if your elderly parents are visiting a new neighborhood, if you are or your spouse is out and wants to share your location with each other, if you are on a hiking/travel trip and want to be in touch with the whole group or you are catching up with your friends
We released our beta version on Opera with tremendous success. We had close to 5000 downloads, 2000 active users with around 70,000 contacts in a period of two months.
Our revenue model includes selling subscription plans to school for their excursion trips and to travel operators for their tours .
For our beta version we have already tied up with five tour operators and with also have a joint venture to market this product to health care system for a nurse to see the location of their out-patients.