Gannon Daynes

San Luis Obispo, California, US

Gannon's Skills
Business Development
Product Management

About Gannon

My name is Gannon Daynes and I am a recent graduate from Cal Poly San Luis Obispo and am now pursuing my dream of Co-Founding a company. My co-founder and I are currently apart of an Accelerator Program in San Luis Obispo called the "SLO Hot House", which is a 13 week program (currently in week 2) that provides us with office space, excellent mentorship (Blake Welcher - VP of DTS and Joe O'Connor - Built and sold 7 companies, to name a few) and a small amount of seed funding to get started. We are striving to launch our product come Mid January.

If you would like to check out what exactly we are reaching out for you to work with us on, go ahead and check out - (under construction site).

We are currently in the beta testing stage (have data to prove proof of concept) of our product development and are seeking to add another experienced team member with a background in line with yours.

Specifically we are looking for an experienced Electrical Engineer to bring onto the team to accelerate our iterative design process and bring the product into the manufacturing phase. You will be responsible for leading the design, prototyping, and manufacturing of custom PCBs to be used in the product.

If interested go ahead and reach out to me at:
Phone: (949) 309-9556 Call/Text