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About Andrew

Hello, I'm a 21 year old entrepreneur and I formed my company in order to launch a social network that will improve people's lives by empowering people to help one another and change the way people communicate. I have the website wireframes completed so that our co-founder (programmer) will help me launch the website this summer. A trademark and patent have also been applied for my company. I'm seeking a:
*Frontend Developer- (Information Architecture and Ability to design nice web user interface/user experience.)

 -HTML 4.0/5.0, CSS2, PHP, Ajax (JavaScript, jQuery, JSON, XML), and Photoshop. ; and
*Backend Developer (Network, Servers, Operating Systems, Databases, Applications, Development/Testing/Operating Environments) -Java, C/C++, C#, Perl, HTML, CSS, PHP, Ajax (JavaScript, jQuery, JSON, XML), MySQL, Linux.

Managing People
Product Management