Garrett Ayers

Fort Collins, Colorado, US

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About Garrett

Theatre is a huge passion of mine. I've worked at every level of the theatre industry (Broadway, Off-Broadway, Regional), previously founded and ran my own theatre company in New York City, and I'm now based in Fort Collins and am a theatre professor at Colorado State University. I have no shortage of ideas: Two years ago, I founded a website/blog called, which is devoted to teaching actors how to train and improve their memories. I'm now in the process of creating an online memory training program for actors through the site. I started by focusing on making an ACTOR'S life easier...And now I want to improve the lives of DIRECTORS...

As I said, I am full of ideas, but I have no tech/developing/programming knowledge. I'm looking for a co-founder who does. A co-founder who wants to shake up the theatre industry...

One of the central jobs of a director is to take notes. But right now, there isn't an efficient way to do this.

I'm looking for a co-founder to help create an app that will enable theatre directors to generate, organize, and communicate their notes simply and efficiently. Someone who wants to join me in creating a game changer for the theatre industry...and who wants to see it in the hands (or phone, or tablet) of every theatre director in the world.