Garrett Brustein

Austin, Texas, US

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About Garrett

I have had an entrepreneurial mindset my entire life. I understand what it takes to run a successful business and I'm always willing to meet those requirements. I have an east coast attitude (I work hard and get things done immediately) and I believe the only way to truly get what you deserve is when you're working for yourself. Long story short, I'm a doer.

I currently have 3 businesses that I run but I'm looking for some help with my newest one. I've worked on my first 2 businesses enough that they are in positions where I hardly have to do anything for them anymore, meaning they don't take up much of my time. This new one is my first venture into technology and has scaling potential that my other businesses were never meant to have. The product is a mobile app in the sports industry. It's a pick 'em style game that is played in conjunction with live sporting events. Sports bars sign on to host the game at their location and they give away prizes to winners (similar to pub trivia). I have already started running the game at several locations. There's more to it than that but you should get the idea based on that info.

Work Experience


Equitable Payments

May 2009 - Today

This is a merchant services business that I started 7 years ago. I still operate it and handle about 300 clients but it's mostly on auto-pilot now as I'm working on my new project.


GMB Consulting

October 2011 - Today

This is a resale business that started as a part time thing but eventually grew. I franchised my model about 2 years ago and trained 3 franchisees to run businesses in other cities. This is also pretty much on auto-pilot at this point and does not require too much attention.


Gametime Blitz

July 2016 - Today

Described above.


University of Maryland

Operations Management

2002 - 2006