Garth Johnson

San Francisco, California, US

Sr DevOps Engineer at AllMediaNetwork
Garth's Skills
Product Management

About Garth

I've designed systems that have generated millions in revenue, so I'm always aiming for the fence.

At Fritz Companies, I architected a multi-platform priority routing system to facility export and delivery of emergency replacement equipment. Leading unix and mainframe development teams, the system was online in 19 weeks and generated $8 million in revenue the first year, $23 million in the 4th year.

At CyberCash, I turned the sales engineering team from a cost-center to a successful revenue generating department . Then delivered a boxed SAP plug-in (on time) to replace a 3-6 month custom engineering engagement (a significant savings to the customers AND the company)

At Makena/ I managed/mentored an 11 person operations team to support immersive virtual worlds on clusters with thousands of server.

At All Media Networks I am the resident DevOps, supporting the and teams.

Work Experience

Sr DevOps Engineer

All Media Network

August 2013 - December 2016