gary knott

Silver Spring, Maryland, US

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Product Management

Startup Experience

First time founder

About gary

We've built an advanced math/stat modeling program, MLAB, for scientists. We need
the human and financial resources to sell it, or a deal with other companies to
do so. See [My CV is there too.] Especially see the
list of citations and also the examples there. I originally built MLAB at the NIH
for research scientists on a DEC-10.
We also have several other product ideas - a time-oriented database system
for example, and we need a connection to venture funding to pay to build them.
(Our MLAB program was built using 5+ million of SBIR funding, but that doesn't
pay for selling it.)

In the list of industries of interest, I would put science, if it were
possible, since our software is intended for researchers and staff at
pharmeceutical companies, universities, and technology enterprises in general.


California Institute of Technology

MS in Computer Science

1970 - 1970

American University, DC


1965 - 1965

Stanford University

PhD, Computer Science

1975 - 1975