Gary MacDougall

Technical, Management, Strategy

Boston, Massachusetts, US


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About Gary

Technology Entrepreneur in the Boston area with over 30 years of experience from ground floor startups to large public companies through to IPO...

I've created software for consumers, Fortune 500 companies and small businesses. I'm not your typical CTO as I started my career in sales (Sales Engineer) and worked in Corporate Marketing and Training.

My unique experience has offered me a different perception on how to be successful and execute.


You cannot improve what you do not measure. - Peter Drucker


Technology Entrepreneur in retail / e-commerce

Work Experience



January 2007 - February 2014

Makers of BizSyncXL, an e-commerce integration product that integrated Magento, BigCommerce and Volusion. ChannelBrain was acquired by Dydcomp in February of 2014.