Gavin Rens

Pretoria, South Africa

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About Gavin

I have a PhD in Artificial Intelligence. However, many years ago i worked in the electronics industry for five years as a technician. At heart, i am an inventor and entrepreneur, but got caught up in academic pursuits till now.

I have spent the last 13 months and all my savings researching a novel approach to convert wind-energy into electricity. I believe that the invention has a lot of potential to bring down maintenance costs associated with conventional wind turbines. And it might turn out to be better suited to particular applications than conventional wind turbines, for instance, low wind speeds. But the concept must still be proven and i have run out of money to complete the research and prototype. Visit for more info.

Just to expose a little of my frame of mind, i shall share my ultimate goal: To develop a system of public transportation based on a fleet of multirotor VTOL aircraft. This transportation system is aimed at solving the problem of traffic congestion we experience in all large cities around the world. The basic technology exists; it just requires a team of bright, enthusiastic people (and some financial investment) to make it happen.

I am a Jack of all trades, but i need expertise in all business departments, especially, initially a Business Developer and an Electrical Engineer and Fluid Dynamics Engineer. I think that if one of these three joins me, the others will more easily join. The ideal candidate is a person who believes that with careful reasoning and hard work, anything is possible. Lets team up to build the next successful company in renewable energy or disruptive transportation.


University of KwaZulu-Natal

Doctorate in Computer Science

2014 - 2014