Gábor Szabó

Budapest, Hungary

Gábor's Skills
Business Development
Product Management

About Gábor

We are looking for a marketer partner for www.adwordsmonitoring.com.

Basic Idea: Marketing tool for Google Adwords users to monitor their own ads related to the ads of their competitors - to get detailed picture 24/7 automatically.

The problem: A single advertisement is influenced by the content & messages surrounding it. The way the customer views your ad is really the only view that counts. And unfortunately, Google Adwords can't show you that vital perspective.

The solution: We are the only service that takes snapshots of Google search results to show you exactly how the visitor sees your advertisements in relation to all the other ads on the screen.

We developed a monitoring system which will take snapshots of google searches for the given keywords regularly (hourly or so) and store the found ads in a database. Based on these data you can run different reports, which are essential and to improve the efficiency of your adwords account.

Market size: All the adwords users can benefit from this service. There are a couple of million adwords users. (in 2007 there were 1 million advertisers, since then Google doesn’t share this info) We developed a cloud-based service to be able to access it from any country. We are focusing on the US market right now.

Business model: There is a free account where users can test everything for one keyword and if they like it, they can choose from different price plans.

State: We have developed an SaaS product which is ready for the market launch. We need active customers for testing and based on their feedback we can continue the development with additional features.

What we need:
We need help how to grow in the US market.
We prefer marketer who successfully helped companies to enter the US market.
The project initiator has deep knowledge and experience with online marketing in Hungary, but the US market is different.