Gábor Veres

Budapest, Hungary

Gábor's Skills
Business Development
Product Management

About Gábor

I'm an IT geek with an MBA - I've been working in banking for 8+ years and lately in a startup as VP engineering. I'm launching a new startup that will change the landscape of todo/productivity/task management tools for the individual as well as for organizations. Basically, I'm building a task management platform that will stick once you try it, because it will be built using the latest findings of cognitive science. The goal is to make the world a happier place by providing a great set of tools to reduce stress and anxiety rooted in the overwhelming amount of information, options, opportunities we're all facing every day.
I'm looking for someone who's enthusiastic about changing the way individuals manage their own tasks and time - someone who recognizes how painful it is to have an inbox full of unread mails, potential timebombs and totally irrelevant correspondance that eat up all your psychic energy. Someone who knows how procrastination ruins people. Someone who realizes that the "to-do" lists most people use are not solutions, rather parts of the problem.

I'd like to go the lean way: create a great product teaser page and a crafted walkthrough video to assess the traction potential of the ideas. At this stage I'd like to have someone on board to work on ideas together, share some of the gruntwork and to have some capital to hire professionals needed to get started with these first steps.