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Denver, Colorado, US

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Business Development
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About Gemmys

My name is Levi Haywood. If I had to describe myself to you, I would say that I'm not a genius. I am educated, but not Harvard educated, just enough to stand out in a crowd of ordinary people. I think that the one thing that makes me me, is my integrity. The people around me are always important to me. I do business like that. I think that the thing that makes me successful, is my ability to think, and to act when things get so difficult and so confusing that most people would give up. I don't give up. I may drop a bad idea, but nothing discourages me from doing what I like to do. I have a good small business right now. I travel, I get to live in foreign countries for long periods of time, and I sell a product that is unique and makes people happy. What I am looking for is someone that can make my business legit. you know those people who know the ins and outs of finance, all that business paperwork that entrepreneurs don't like. And someone who will take a little bit of risk with me and help me turn my business into a real business with paperwork and taxes and lines of credit and bank accounts and paychecks. Let me continue to deliver the things that I am good at, and continue to make customers happy. Just keep me organized and legitimate.