New York, New York, US

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Product Management

About Gene

I'm building a startup dedicated to giving every person the equivalent of a personal assistant, and making people radically more productive than they realize they can be.

The project is funded, has a business plan/strategy, and I'm looking for a technical cofounder to lead the development of the full product. An ideal candidate would have deep full-stack experience (MVC4, rails, etc..), UX chops and experience bringing a web application to scale. Though serious web chops and a dedication to build something interesting is a start.

I come from a technical background (non-web, though I'm working on my web dev as quickly as possible). I'm able to share/lead some aspect of the development - particularly the data intensive portions of the back end. Though up front I should note that I have a full time gig I won't be leaving until the project has launched and started to gain some traction, so I won't have 60 hrs/week to give to dev - hence the need for another technical cofounder. (And regardless, I believe projects of this scale require a team at the top.)

If you'd love to hear more and have the relevant background (or are an Advisor who has the relevant connections ), I'd love to talk - please do reach out,