Atlanta, Georgia, US

Gene's Skills
Product Management

About Gene

I’m a generalist computer programmer that does front end web development, marketing/business process automation, embedded programming, and back end systems.

I’m open to hearing from anyone. I love swapping ideas and feedback. But I believe people who meet any of the following criteria would be complimentary to what I’m trying to bring to the table:

* You are aware of an industry pain point that needs solving and/or have access to decision makers in that industry. I don’t care how mundane it is. If someone is annoyed with the way things are being done please share.

* You feel your technical skillset compliments mine and want to work on a reasonably scoped MVP or build out “passive” income streams.

* You don’t have a technical background but willing to put in the legwork to validate product ideas. Cold call potential customers, get feedback, etc…

Buzzword Soup: Node, Angular, Material Design, Bootstrap, Python, Django, Linux, Docker, Wordpress, Java, C, IOT, Arduino, Blockchain Tech, Bitcoin, Ethereum


Georgia Institute of Technology

Computer Science

2013 - 2013