Geoff Whitlock

Toronto, Canada

Co-Founder and President of Surround
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Hello, my name is Geoff Whitlock, and I'm an entrepreneur and marketer. I start businesses for a living. Some work, others don't. I have consulted and worked with the biggest and smallest Brands in North America and have a few wins and losses under my belt.

Companies I founded or co-founded started at 16 yrs old:

Startford Placemats Co - my mom made me start a business selling ads on placemats and putting placemats on dining tables at local restaurants. Odd start - no big successes, but lots of early learning - lost due to preference for partying. (16 - 17 yrs old)

Toronto Talent, 20 yrs old - had over 6,000 actors registered online, one of the first online talent breakdown services ever built - lost to naivety but started a whole new pathway of education and opportunity.

Lifecapture Interactive, 25 years old - built from scratch with great partners into a national award winning digital agency: Sold to Arlene Dickinson

Motorcycle Productions, 27 years - built from scratch with amazing partners: Sold to Arlene Dickinson

Global Director of Social Media at BlackBerry. (lots of fun, lots of learning)

Social Interactive, solo project: Raised 750k capital on and idea. Technology still in development Raised 450k on an idea - One of Canada's largest and best deal sites - active and building

Surround Integrated Marketing - built from scratch with a great partner now has a team of 15 and many clients in it's first 16 months. active and building.

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If you're interested in a meeting, or can point me in any direction, please let me know.

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Surround Integrated

March 2012 - December 2016