Geoffrey Loomis

Provo, Utah, US

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Business Development
Product Management

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First time founder

About Geoffrey

stayNtrim is an online based weight management website. The focus of our group is to help people keep weight off long-term after they have already lost it on their own or with a different company. The idea is an online community where members are placed in small networks that look after each other and follow up on goals, exercise, etc. Every two weeks the network meets online with a health coach and has a behavior modification lesson just as they would have done in their weight loss class. Our partner that was doing the programming has fizzled out and we are now looking to replace him. He has created the site using rails, but if you want to use a different language that is alright as well.

Our team is composed up to this point of 3 individuals. I, Geoff Loomis, have a masters degree in exercise physiology and have been running a weight loss program at Utah Physiatry Associates for the past two and a half years. Jake Dallin graduated from BYU with a degree in economics. Christina Perry is our graphic designer.

We are currently looking for someone to come in and take the role of our CTO and complete the website ASAP so that we can start marketing our company.

Last year we entered the Grow America business competition and made it to the finals. More importantly we received some good validation from the judges that we had a good business idea.

We would love to sit down with you and discuss this opportunity with you in person.