Geoffroy Lesage

Chicago, Illinois, US

Geoffroy's Skills
Product Management

Startup Experience

Founded 2+ startups

About Geoffroy

I'm an international traveler (French from Paris, and lived 10 years in China) currently finishing up a CS degree and working part time as Lead iOS Engineer.

I'm excited about all kinds of innovative technology or product, Mobile, Cloud, Small Businesses, Music, Space Exploration... I'm thrilled to live during this era, where the "dream big or go home" mentality is applicable more than ever!

I've worked on several startups and ideas within the field of consumer Cloud Platforms, Mobile apps, business hardware, and DIY fun stuff!

I am looking for enthusiastic people of all fields to work with on various projects. But even if you're not interested in those fields, connections in any space are always useful so shoot me a message!


DePaul University

Computer Science

2014 - 2014